Oaltur work is dedicated to the prosperity of our clients

Welcome to www.homeeg.com, we are here to represent you to people searching for luxury life

www.homeeg.com, The first web site in Egypt Interested in all seriousness to achieve cultural communication via the Internet for talented professionals from Architect and interior designer and also for all people interested in luxury life. Our site has a full section dedicated to professionall Architect, Interior Designers, Art & Craft, Landscaping and Brand Names in a Furniture market

We are here to cooperate with you to introduce our services during the whole of the year through

Excellent and interesting show for brands via web site ease of use
Our target is to reach people who looking for high quality home designs
 Encourage our clients to make various offers throughout the year to be Sending e-mails (include brand’s pictures) with interesting offers to huge number of internet users
 The website is very attractive to visitors making them spend a good time to see the products and work of our discerning customers

Social Media Marketing

 Create the pages specific to each client through the pages of social networking "facebook", also we achieve presence on" you tube" Through the design of many of videos pertaining to each client

Online Magazine

 You can write and publish articles and topics related to those are interested in your fields and also We publish news about your distinctive work
 Searching for all marketing solutions or civilized means of communication that help to increase sales

Architect and Iinterior Designer Catalog 20x20cm

 The Catalog presents the work of architects, interior designers and specialists in the field of Decor, where the processing of the catalogue will be in April of each year,and distributed free of charge on a valuable and highly accurate the database

homeeg News Letter 25x35cm

 Light publication, reviews news and interviews with architects, interior designers and specialists in the field of deco, Published once every 4 months and distributed free of charge on a valuable and highly accurate the database, Which helps to communicate and spread


إضافة تعليق


إضافة تعليق

التعليقات تحتاج لموافقة صاحب المدونة لنشرها.

استضافة مجانية من موقع مدونات عبر! | الموقع غير مسؤول عن محتويات المدونة، فقط صاحب المدونة يتحمل كامل المسؤولية عن مضامينها | التبليغ عن مخالفة | سياسة الخصوصية |نسخة الموبايل
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