Chairman of Tabarak Holding Groupalt 

Tabarak Holding Group considering that the company from the first companies which started construction in remote locations

And made a great challenge to provide services to their projects

  Began to trend towards the remote areas in Cairo city since a long

 Time for several reasons: dimension of pollution and congestion ,

Confidently declares engineer Ali Sharbati chairman of Tabarak :

 We choose new project sites is done very carefully and after specialized studies like: TABARAK residential city and Fantasia Orange project in Ras Sudr

Do Tabarak have in every project suitable concept for the nature of the place where the projects are establishing it in?

Of course, when you create any project have strengths use it to get to the ideal product for example:

-       Fantasia orange resort which is characterized by moderately air throughout the year and also been designed to be sea units.

-       Ninety avenue project in new Cairo city/fifth district take into consideration the green area& population to the minimum ratio to achieve that we used WATG the American company in the designs & Architectures designs &we planned for the project to unique &different inside the new Cairo area.

That the general design of the project is a residential buildings managed through the smart home systems including a WIFI system for the internet service & electronic gates by using smart cards & automatically fire system.

And we changed the design of Tabarak Residential city instead that we were almost finished it to transfer most of the project to villas to increase the green area to reach 52% from the project area in addition to the project club& garden.

And we started our recent projects “Maadi Sundry” which consists of 5 residential towers fully finished designed in a new way to suite all needs and includes a mall with total area 1500 m2 in addition to a gym, covered swimming pool and fir the first time we introduce the hospitality service for the residential in addition to security and maintenance company.

Why the company recently went to the green buildings?

This to contribute in saving our environment to save a healthy life environment for her customers also to its economic, social benefits which represent through:


·         Support and save the Ecology systems and biological aspects.

·         Improve the quality of air and water.

·         Decrease the solid waste.

·         Save the natural resources.


·         Decrease the operation expenses.

·         Enlarge the profit and fixed assets value.

·         Enhance the employee’s productivity and satisfaction.

·         Improve the economic performance for the life cycle.

Health and Social:

·         Improve the surrounded environment from atmosphere, air, temperature and voice.

·         Enlarge the residents comfort and health.

·         Decrease the pressure over the local infrastructure.

·         Contributing in improving the life style generally.

What is your project achievement percent from the green area? And what is already achieved of it?

Green building strategies which will be implemented as follows:

·         Installation of a solar energy system for heating water on the surface.

·         Install the equipment and high-efficiency plumbing.

·         Using the landscapes which need little water or approximately no irrigation.

·         Reusing the grey water.

·         Bicycle park.

·         Dual plumbing system.

·         Using the solar lighting and outdoor outer regions.

·         Using the low-emission paints, human and environmentally friendly.

·         Implementation of high-performance cooling tower.

·         Using covered car parking area with reflecting materials.

·         Solid Waste Management


·         The green junk system at the site.

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