Qatar Mall… The biggest mall with world's leading powerhouse brands


The well established foreign and Arab architecture companies have collaborated together to establish the biggest mall in Middle East and Arab world. It is "The Mall of Qatar". The size of this huge mall is equal to the size of 50 football playgrounds, according to FIFA International standards. UrbaCon Trading & Contracting is the developer company. The project was launched last year according to Rony Morany, the executive director of the company. 30% of the mall is done. The opening is scheduled for September 2014. This project shows a modern new design for malls and shops in different sizes. It depends mainly on stimulating trade for world's leading powerhouse brands. The mall is a large gathering of all types of brands including clothes, furniture, accessories and decoration.

This grand mall contains a major hypermarket in addition to five department stores, 20 international restaurants and an indoor streetscape with double height flagship stores where brand trademarks are displayed from across the globe.

Mall of Qatar isn't only distinguished for the size but also for the location. It is located in the intersection of El Rayyan High way with the El Ahtafelat Street, parallel to the famous Qatar club, El Rayyen Sports Club that will host the World Cup 2022. It is supposed that the logo of hosting World Cup 2022 will be integrated into the designs of the project.

Moreover, the Mall of Qatar will be connected to a metro station as part of Doha's new transportation system to make it easy for customers.


At the end, it should be mentioned that the total project cost is in excess of QR 3 billion. It is planned that the construction process follows a three year timetable. When opening, it is expected to receive over 20 million annually. 

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