IL Monte Galala-Sokhna Set to Pioneer New Trends




Tatweer Misr Launches Phase One of USD 1.2 Billion Mega Ain El Sokhna Project


Cairo, Egypt –9 September, 2015: Today, Tatweer Misr unveiled phase one of the highly anticipated IL Monte Galala-Sokhna mixed used mega development in Ain El Sokhna. Representing an initial investment of 250 million USD, phase one of the project will see the start of the company delivering residential and hotel units by 2019.  With expected completion of over 5000 units in around ten years, IL Monte Galala-Sokhna is positioned to become a local and international destination of choice offering unparalleled activities and lifestyle options based on their unique vision of building value that goes beyond the integration of Ain Sokhna’s stunning natural beauty into the project's urban design.

Situated over five levels of the Galala Mountain, the 2.2 million sqm development will offer 3 distinctive zones that focus on providing unique leisure and entertainment experiences yet to be offered in Egypt.  This, in addition to IL Monte Galala-Sokhna’s prime location; just half an hour from Cairo’s new administrative capital and positioned close to the recently announced Galala city, make the project one of the most anticipated real estate developments on the Gulf of Suez stretch.


Talking about the importance of the project, Dr. Ahmed Shalaby, Managing Director and Member of the Board at Tawteer Misr said “At Tatweer Misr we are committed to building value and, as such, providing more than just a residential destination.  The concept of IL Monte Galala-Sokhna is founded on the principal of providing unique options that truly cater to the diverse needs of residents and Guests.  To put it simply, what we want is for our residents to have the opportunity to live life to its fullest.  With this in mind features such as our wellness retreat, which will offer relaxation and stress relief, meditation, and health related treatments in addition to our partnership with Omar Samra’s Rock N Rope to provide a range of high adrenaline activities; rock climbing, zip lining, bouldering and much more, are amongst the key elements that set us apart from other developers in the area and Egypt at large.”


Focusing on international standards of quality, IL Monte Galala-Sokhna will be developed in partnership with both local and international industry leaders including the internationally acclaimed Italian architectural company 5+1AA.  Talking about their collaboration with Tatweer Misr Eng. Gianluca Peluffo, The Technical Director and Partner of 5+1AA spokesperson said “The carefully designed  master plan of the development offers three distinct leisure and entertainment areas at different levels of the development; sea front, mid-level and high

 altitude.  Each district has been developed utilizing the unique natural beauty of the area and is characterized by specific design and architecture that reflects the atmosphere and key elements of the district.  These areas have been seamlessly tied together by the distinctive urban stated modern architectural touches that run throughout IL Monte Galala-Sokhna.”

 As part of IL Monte Galala-Sokhna’s unique charm each district of the development will be defined by the diverse activities it offers ranging from culture and entertainment options to adrenaline and relaxation opportunities.  At the base of the development the Seafront area will focus on beach and water sport activities, offering a beach camp and a wildlife and ecology discovery center in addition to the first football golf course in the region.  Moving up to the Mid-level, cultural development will be a prime feature with the district boasting an Archeology Centre, a Museum of History on Ancient Man and the Botanical Gardens.  Whilst at the peak of the development, the High-Altitude Level will feature a quaint mountain lodge, the wellness retreat and a range of high-adrenaline mountain sports and activities.

Over the past few years, Ain El Sokhna has grown in popularity, fast becoming a destination of choice for investors looking to venture into the real estate market. Enhanced accessibility from the East and West of Cairo through the new 370km long Cairo outer ring road in addition to the four lane Qattimia Highway will ensure driving times of only an hour, making IL Monte Galala-Sokhna serious contender for full time residency.

About Tatweer Misr

Established in 2014, Tatweer Misr is an Egyptian real estate development shareholding company, that capitalizes on a wealth of industrial and real estate experience brought to the table by its shareholders.  TatweerMisr core developments are mixed use residential primary and secondary homes based on elegant and luxurious modern architecture. Beyond that, Tatweer Misr's vision is to build value by seeking and developing innovative solutions that will provide significant benefits to all its stakeholders.


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